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About the owner of www.zebrahides.com, Richard Stead” was born in Zimbabwe but moved to South Africa at a young age. Did his schooling in a small town in KwaZulu Natal called Pietermnaritzburg and after completing school move to London where he worked and traveled, experiencing what the many countries he traveled to had to offer. After 3 years Richard realized that Africa was in his blood and decided to move back to South Africa.

During his time in the UK he saw a market for African Crafts and he opened up African Crafts Market (www.africancraftsmarket.com) in 2001. At this time the internet was just starting to grow and and had many queries regarding both African Crafts as well as African hides, horns and skulls.

He then added these items to the African Crafts Market inventory and registered with KZN Wildlife here in South Africa so that he would be allowed to sell and export all game related products.

With the many queries for Zebra hides this website was created to show actual pictures of the hides and skulls available for sale. Only a few of each products is added to this website and more products are available to view on request.

Owenr of Zebra hides
Richard Stead owner of zebrahides.com


With the many queries that Richard had for Zebra hides and having stock on the www.africancraftsmarket.com website. He decided to open up and dedicate a single website to just Zebra hides, zebrahides.com was born so that the uniqueness of each and every zebra hide can be seen on this website.

We are the source for Zebra hides and that is why we can sell at discounted prices. We work directly with the hunters, game farms and conservation authorities in our area so less hands are involved from the wet hide, to the tanning to the delivery.

Most of the hides you see on the market are from Southern Africa and most of that is from South Africa. We have a very professional and highly respected conservation rate for our animals in South Africa. Contrary to what some people think, buying a legal hide actually helps conservation and puts money back into the farms that are actively breeding many different species of wild animals.

Zebra hides for sale

We sell 1 species of Zebra hide, the Burchell Zebra, also now known as Plains Zebra Being located in Richards Bay, KwaZulu Natal,South Africa we are surrounded by many game reserves and through partnering with conservation authorities and private game owners we buy wet hides and have them tanned to the South African soft tanned standard.

All Zebra hides on this website have been gathered from legal, controlled culling or hunting practices and through this we inject much needed funds back into communities that use this for their survival.

Africa is tough and the people can also be tough. If something does not add any financial value to its existence it will not survive long in Africa. As much as this is a sad reality hunting and legal wildlife trade adds more financial value as well as more conservation efforts to the ongoing survival of any animal species than photographic financial value adds.

We  ship worldwide to your door and use couriers for delivery.

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We have been trading for over 20 years EST 2001

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