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Zebra Hides

African specialty Zebra hide website

Zebra hides for sale - Pictures below of stock

How to order - choose your grade

On this website you will see zebra hides below which you can order. We trade under our main website which is AFRICAN CRAFTS MARKET, so when you add to cart the skin below you will be taken through to our African Crafts Market shopping cart. Don't worry as this is all the same company and you can follow the shopping cart directions to complete your order. You can alternatively go directly to our main website and place your order there.

At the moment we are offering a special on current stock of A grade Burchell Zebra hides 

  • A grade without felt backing $895
  • A grade with felt backing $985

We also have the following grades which are

  • AA grade - Absolutely no blemishes, tick marks or scaring - less an 2% of the hides we get are AA+ grade.
  • A grade - very good hides with 1 or 2 natural tick marks or scars.
  • A/B Grade - These are hides that are A grade hides but due to a natural scar somewhere on the hide we sell them slightly cheaper but most sellers would sell as an A grade.
  • B grade - These hides have a few scars but still good full hides.
  • C grade - Generally these hides have either a big cut in the hides that has been mended or hair-loss patches so generally used for cutting up and using offcuts.

Pictures of the hides and grades are below.

How we measure our hides: 

We measure our hides from tip of noise to end of rump and across belly. We do not include the tail size or leg width in our measurements.

What is Felt and should I opt to have it on my hide?

Felt is a material (same that is found on snooker tables) that is placed on the underside of the hide which is usually black in colour but can be any colour of choice, then glued and sewn onto the hide. The felt is a personal preference for people with some liking it and other prefer the natural look. With felt on you get a small black border that frames the hide.

Personally I would have felt on a hide if it is going to be placed on the floor and walked on. Not only does in make the kin feel softer to walk on but also protects the underside of the hide. If you do not like the black border that the felt gives the hide we can trim the felt to the same size as the hide so that it will not be seen but you still have the feel and protection of the felt.

Burchell Zebra hides - You are buying the exact hide in the picture - Click image for larger view


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Shopping Cart

Quality & grading

    We grade our hides as follows

    AA Grade
  • These are the best hides available on the market and  amount to less than 2% of the hides that we get in. Very rare, They are graded by pattern, size and lack of visible scars are the best of the best
  • A Grade
  • These hides are very high quality hides with few natural scars or any hair loss. These hides are very good hides and make for excellent rugs
  • AB Grade
  • These hides are good quality hides that could be A grade but for some small reason such as size, colour pattern or scaring have been classified as not A grade but very close.
  • B Grade
  • Usually smaller skins or larger skins with some natural blemishes.
  • C Grade
  • Mostly skins that are used for upholstery and are smaller or blemished Zebra skins.

Felted Hides

  • If a Zebra hide does not have felt backing this can be added. Felt backing is an additional cost of $90
  • Fun Fact

  • Why do zebras have stripes at all?
  • Scientists aren't sure, but many theories center on their utility as some form of camouflage.
  • The patterns may make it difficult for predators to identify a single animal from a running herd and distort distance at dawn and dusk.
  • Or they may dissuade insects that recognize only large areas of single-colored fur or act as a kind of natural sunscreen.
  • Because of their uniqueness, stripes may also help zebras recognize one another

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